Save the Date for Another Round of Embarrassing Moments
clean and proper sarah Jane Dunaway
Deep Creek Lake, Maryland

I’m on vacation and this year, so is Clean & Proper. Save the date for September 6 when a lifetime of embarrassing stories on etiquette returns to Clean & Proper. Though I’ve shared stories with you for some time, and mostly on how to improve your etiquette or health, I’m taking my first official break from the site to wrap up new content for The Podcast and new stories to share on The Blog.

You won’t want to miss what’s in store for Season 2 as the humor and tears continues. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter where I share ongoing tidbits into a life that generally has struggles–that’s right–#ihavestruggles.

If you find your life is empty without some Clean & Proper stories this summer, don’t forget to check out the archives where you’ll find all the really old content I used to share, including my favorite recipes. P.S. Yesterday at the lake house with my family, I made my favorite Curry Chicken Salad recipe.

clean and proper season 2
Kicking back this morning without a care in the world. Not entirely true, but if it’s on Instagram then it must be, right?

All new content from Season 1 you’ll find on the homepage where I’ve divided the stories into: Embarrassing Moments, Marriage Moments, Motherhood Moments and Workplace Moments. Let’s just say, there are a lot of moments.

On that note, I’d like to thank you all for taking the journey with me in Season 1 where I have enjoyed sharing real stories of all the mistakes I’ve made. It may be embarrassing at times, but I’m pretty sure we’re all enjoying the laughs a bit more.

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