Moving Preparation Checklist {printable}

Prepare for Moving

Moving Preparation Checklist Free Printable

As much as I try to stick to a strict timetable, sometimes life just gets in the way! The Beau and I are just about settled in our new home. We spent the weekend finishing up our kitchen, living room and family room. We even found time to poke around our local nursery – The Beau is building me window boxes!

Needless to say, it’s been a little crazy over at our new home and I have discovered when it comes to moving, very little stays Clean & Proper! Luckily, I’m practically a pro. After all, this is my 23rd move!

If you’re preparing for a move anytime soon, especially if you’re military, then you’ll definitely want to bookmark today’s post as it includes my Moving Preparation Checklist!

With every move comes more knowledge. Even after 23 moves, there always something new I add to my checklist and something else I revise.

The two most important takeaways are to always label every box and to maintain a designated folder for all paper work, moving contracts, BAH paperwork and even directions for getting to your new home–should it be far enough away.

Good luck!

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