How to React to Your Yawns, Burps and Sneezes
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This week is a bit of a crazy one, but tonight the three of us still managed to sit down for a family dinner. The Beau has been studying for midterms and I have some very large client deadlines at the moment. Knowing the week will be a crazy one, I made every effort tonight to make sure we all sat down to dinner at the same time, to enjoy some delicious Portobello mushroom fajitas. Yum yum!

While eating at the table it occurred to me the importance of how we react when we have yawns, burps and sneezes, especially now that we have a child. Mae is really great about sneezing–or rather, when one of us sneezes. She always says “Bless you,” even if we are in a completely different room or down the hall. Kids love to jump at any chance to take part and be useful. Plus, they are little creatures of habit so it’s especially important to be in the habit of properly excusing oneself when necessary.

And though this is not exactly my favorite etiquette topic, it is one worth discussing. Yawns, burps, sneezes! What to do? How to react? What’s the correct etiquette behind the embarrassing little incidents?

Personally, I prefer to play the denial card, but even that is not Clean & Proper or effective! The proper way to respond is to excuse yourself, pardon your burp, apologize for the sneeze and move on.

Always keep your mouth closed for yawns and burps and no matter what–cover your mouth. No one needs to hear extra loud burping noises and no one needs to see all your teeth when you yawn. Simply cover your mouth and say, “Excuse me.”

And most important of all–do not burp at the table when people are eating. It doesn’t matter if you are simply enjoying a cup of coffee at the breakfast table while reading the newspaper in your own kitchen. Burps at the table are especially cringe-worthy and never acceptable table manner behavior.

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  • Jack
    Posted March 10, 2017 22:19 0Likes

    Good tips. When I was in the eighth grade, my elderly teacher caught me yawning in her class. Unfortunately for me I did not cover my mouth. I received an earful and a lesson about the etiquette and politeness of “covering up” during a yawn. Since that day, I’ve always covered my mouth. The scolding worked!

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