CPP #13 Successfully Bring Children to Restaurants

babies in restaurants

If you’re a parent you deserve to eat in restaurants just like the rest of society, despite some critics! But what about your little ones? Many people will tell you children do not belong in restaurants. Then there are those parents who let their children run amuck when out in public. What’s the proper protocol for dining with kids? Today on The Clean & Proper Podcast I share my thoughts on how I successfully dine out with Mae, even when we venture to the fancy restaurants with just us two.

In this particular episode, you will learn:

  • When children are not welcome in a restaurant?
  • How to handle your unruly child and what to do if they disrupt others?
  • Why it’s important to pay attention to both the type of restaurant you’re dining in, and those around you enjoying their meals?
  • How I keep my child successfully preoccupied while dining out?




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