CPP #11 Rules to Live By in The Bathroom

bathroom etiquette

Earlier this week we talked about bathroom etiquette. Well I’m back again for a live episode this time on The Clean & Proper Podcast. I realized there were a few tips left over that were just as important to address. Find out what surprise you could leave behind in a guest shower that is a super faux pas, the secret weapon my best friend brings when she comes to visit (which I absolutely love!), and why you should still clean up after yourself, even in your hotel bathroom.

In this particular episode, you will learn:

  • Why you should be cautious with guest towels if you wear makeup?
  • When is it acceptable to cut in line for the restroom?
  • When might a tip be necessary?
  • Why to keep the bathroom clean as a guest?
  • Why some bathroom etiquette is necessary in a hotel?




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