CPP #0 It’s The Clean and Proper Podcast!

Hi there! I’m Sarah Jane Dunaway and the host and writer of the etiquette and humor blog Clean & Proper. Each week I’m bringing you a new episode on social graces, and living with the everyday embarrassment that comes from failing to live up to the expectations for a proper life.

I share real-life practical tips for everyday etiquette, friendly reminders on formal manners, and covers lessons on business etiquette and teaching your children manners from an early start.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry. There’s a chance you too will cringe or nod with embarrassment. My down-to-earth stories are often hilarious, but always honest.

Through The Clean & Proper Podcast, I bring you both real lessons on etiquette, combined with humorous stories on parenting, marriage and navigating life as an adult.

I often talk fast and occasionally veers off topic, but my truthfulness and insight are something you won’t want to miss. Promise!



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